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Name of Report Last Updated
To Obtain Septic Permits
Construction Requirements08/20/2018
Map Requirements10/23/2008
Permit Process08/20/2018
Onsite Sewage Disposal System03/07/2023
Public Pool11/10/2022
On-Site Sewage System Installer Registration06/23/2020
Installer Materials Data Sheet09/10/2019
Compliance Inspection Form08/05/2009
Environmental Complaint Form10/23/2008
Septic Questions and Info
2019 01-31 Commercial On-Site Submittal/Review03/12/2019
Xerolet Eco-System02/09/2011
Drainfield Rehabilitation02/08/2011
Composting and Incinerating Toilets02/09/2011
Landscaping Over Septic Systems with Native Plants02/17/2009
Regulatory Aspects of On-site Sewage Disposal02/05/2009
Septic Systems and Their Maintenance02/08/2011
Why Do Septic Systems Fail?10/23/2008
Environmental Issues
For Water Quality Information02/08/2011
Proper Leaf Disposal Benefits Everyone10/23/2008
Home Issues
Bed Bugs02/05/2009
Bed Bugs - Additional Resources03/12/2019
Alternatives for Household Cleaning Solutions02/08/2011
NEWS Reports
On-site Sewage Systems - April 201805/17/2018
Lead and Healthy Homes - May 201805/17/2018
General Information
Fair - Preventing Zoonotic Disease Transmission02/28/2019
Fair - How To Stay Healthy at Animal Exhibits02/28/2019
Fair - Exhibiting Pigs02/28/2019
Fentanyl - Safety Recommendations10/24/2018
Water Testing Information04/02/2018
ISDH Residential OSS Design Workshop04/02/2018
Emergency Response Quick Reference04/02/2018
Tattoo Documents
Tattoo Facility Permit Application01/28/2020
Tattoo Artist Permit Application01/28/2020
Bloodborne Pathogens Training Record01/28/2019
2012 12-17 Regulating Private Sewage Systems11/18/2022
2018 Sanitary Bedding05/01/2018
2004 05-24 Tattoo05/01/2018
2006 03-06 Installer Licensing05/01/2018